Jul 102012
Boy with Torah at Bar Mitzvah in front of stained glass in San Diego CA

This is my favorite photo from a Bar Mitzvah I shot recently. The boy is holding the Torah and standing by a stained glass window. He also has that cute grin on his face, like he’s got a secret and he’s not going to tell us. I love shooting Bar and Bat Mitzvas. Just as fun as a wedding, but more kids.

Also, this photo was taken in San Diego California. If you think I am too far away to photograph your special event, I’m not.

Boy with Torah at Bar Mitzvah in front of stained glass in San Diego CA

Photo © Alex Schoenfeldt 2012. All Rights reserved.
San Francisco Event Photography

Mar 092012
Boy reading from Torah jewish temple oakland california bar mitzvah photography

There are a few of my favorite shots from a recent Bar Mitzvah. The Bar Mitzvah ceremony itself happens on the Sabbath, so I am not allowed to photograph the ceremony at this Temple. During the rehearsal I had free reign, and after the rehearsal we got some shots in the temple and we wend down the street for some shots at a rose garden. Sometimes I do shoot the reception after the ceremony, but this time I did not.

I love all 4 of these photos, but I really love the last one. I find the poses and placement of the kids in the frame to be visually dynamic and exciting.

Boy reading from Torah Jewish temple Oakland California bar mitzvah photography

Boy with Torah Jewish Temple in Oakland

Children with the Torah at a Jewish Temple in Oakland. Bar Mitzvah photography

Oakland Bar Mitzvah photography

All photos © Alex Schoenfeldt 2012. All rights reserved.
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